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About Pukeberg
Pukeberg is an old glass works in an area of Småland called "The Kingdom of Glass". Pukeberg is no longer a running factory but is becoming a centre for new activities! Companies, groups and associations, artists, designers, craft people and schools are all settling down here, both with and without a direct connection to glass. A new creative workplace has started to grow here! Currently some of the design programmes offered by Linnaeus University (LNU) are based here and soon the Glass Blowing craft education from the National Glass School in Orrefors will be relocated into the complex. There is a studio hotshop which is used by both the university and glassblowers who rent it by the day or week. The onsite restaurant offers traditional "Hyttsill" dinner parties complete with glass blowing entertainment, and they also produce glass pieces for their gift shop. There is a small museum display which is free of charge situated close to the main entrance. It showcases a collection of some old glass made during the "glass factory time" of Pukeberg which had its beginnings over 100 years ago. See opening ours at the Hyttsill and Glass Shop web site. Welcome!
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